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And just one mistake
is all it will take
We’ll go down in history. (x)

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."

Alan Wilson Watts (via hernamewastruth)

(Source: observando)

"Are you okay?" 

"Are you okay?" 

Mashed Potatoes

"This whole what am I good at thing? I’ve been there my whole life. Such a waste of time. You know what’s not a waste of time? Mashed potatoes. You know why? They never let you down. They’re the best in the world at what they do. So don’t be mashed potatoes because they’re better at that than you could ever be.”
— Cory Matthews

boy meets world 02x05 (1994) // girl meets world 01x06 (2014)

Boy Meets World (1993) / Girl Meets World (2014)

My thoughts when DC made the switch to Wonder Woman as Clark’s comic love interest… #loisandclark4ever It’ll never die.

Smallville: Pilot (1x01) | Series Finale (10x22)

About Me


I'm a Junior at James Madison University studying Intelligence Analysis... If I like stuff I'm going to blog about it: Superheros. Video Games. Community. The Big Bang Theory. Arrow. Smallville. Avatar The Last Airbender (Show). The Legend of Korra. Castle. How I Met Your Mother. Tonight Alive. All Time Low. Green Day. Paramore. Philosophical. Psychological. ETC.

Favorite Quote

A hero is made in the moment. Not from questioning the past, or from fearing what's to come.

-Brainiac 5